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Corporation Name:Xinli Plastics Enterprise 新立塑膠行


Xinli Plastics Enterprise is a professional plastic bag provider.  Established in Pingtung City, Taiwan, we have been specializing in producing all kinds of plastic bags for more than forty years.

Our main products include PE newspaper bags, Umbrella bags and packing bags. By exporting reliable products to our customers worldwide, our company's business has grown every year.

Our strictly product quality control management, with the innovation of plastic bag research and
application, making us have ability do all kinds of customized design to meet client's needs. The target we all keep in mind is using the resources we have to serve the customer in best satisfaction.

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新立塑膠行位於台灣屏東市, 成立超過40年, 擁有專業的製造技術, 致力於成為專業的塑膠袋(側封袋)供應商.  我們的主要產品為報紙袋, 雨傘袋以及各式的側封包裝袋.  因為我們穩定的品質, 在出口到世界各地的客戶中有不錯的口碑, 也讓公司的營運逐年成長.  在嚴格的品質控管及創新研發塑膠袋產品應用技術的不斷更新, 讓我們的產品能不斷地滿足各種客製化的需求, 已達成公司提供最佳服務滿意度的目標.
若您對我們公司或產品有任何需求或詢問, 歡迎隨時與我們聯絡!